More and more Romanian employees want to change their job over wage discontent, study says

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Two in five Romanian employees say they are discontent with their current professional situation and that they consider to change their job this year. One in five employees even consider a career change, admitting they work in a totally unfit field, reads a BestJobs poll, as quoted by

Less over 10 per cent of them are thinking to look for another job abroad.

The salary seems to be by far the most important reason that prompt Romanians to change their job or career. More than half of the respondents say they will change their job this year. The second most important trigger is the lack of enough opportunities for their professional development (39%) and thirdly, the need of changing the employer, the work environment or the team (28.5%).

18 per cent of those aiming to change their job argue they are not motivated on the current position, 14 per cent would like more spare time for them, while around 10 per cent find difficult to advance within the company.

27% claim they don’t like what they currently doing or consider the activity doesn’t suit their professional skills. Most employees surveyed really consider a professional re-training.

Over half of employers to cut staff costs due to the increase of the minimum salary

On the other hand, more than half of the employers surveyed stated that, following the increase of the minimum salary as of January 1, 2019, they will cut their staff costs. Thus, around a quarter of the employers consider cutbacks, either through pooling certain positions or tasks, or through the reshuffling of certain jobs or by turning some processes automated, thus removing the human resource.

14% of the employers are analysing to narrow down the financial benefits they were giving to their employees apart from the salary, while another 12% will most probably freeze any envisaged pay rises this year. The rest of 49% don’t foresee any impact on the employees’ wages.

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