More than 15 pc of imported and registered used cars have not found customers

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Most imported used vehicles and offered for sale have been registered voluntarily by sellers, informs. Also, 18 percent of the ads posted on the site refer to cars priced over EUR 20,000.

“From’s data, we estimate that over 15 percent of all imported used cars and registered this year remain available for sale, and are not yet traded, ” Cristian Cojocaru, sales manager, said.

As regards the ads on in H1 of 2017, over 27 percent of them are cars with prices of over EUR 15,000. Thus, the auto priced between EUR 15,000 and EUR 20,000 represent 9 percent, and those of over EUR 20,000 – 18 percent.

The German brands still dominate the top of the most registered second hand cars on Volkswagen tops with almost 18 percent of the total ads, followed by BMW (13.8 percent), Mercedes-Benz (10.5 percent), Audi (9.5 percent) and Opel (7.2 percent). In the top 10 car brands on are also Ford (6.8 percent), Skoda (4.8 percent), Renault (3.7 percent), Dacia (3.6 percent) and Toyota (2 percent).

Moreover, H1 of 2017 brought a quantitative record on the automotive market in Romania, second-hand car transactions on had a 130 percent advance, new car registrations increased by 27 percent and imported second-hand cars climbed by 86 percent, exceeding 250,000 units.

According to Cojocaru, the new car market has grown by 27 percent to 45,000 units, which is the best result since 2009.

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