More than a third of Romanians would buy an electric car, study says

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The interest for electric cars is growing in Romania and Italy, reads a study conducted by E.ON and Kantar EMNID. On the other side, only 16 percent of Germans plan to buy an electric car, with most of them opting for a gasoline engine. Moreover, the survey says that Diesel engines are on the decline across Europe.

36 percent of the respondents from Romania and Italy has showed their interest to buy an electric car, while Germans (16%) and Czech citizens (13%) are more skeptical.

The reasons against electric cars are the high price, the low density of the charging stations and the autonomy issue.

As for Romanians, the main constraint in buying an electric car is the high prices (44%). For Germans, the autonomy of the electric car represents a problem (68%).

However, the study reveals that the arguments against electric cars are declining year by year as the advantages of the e-mobility are explained better and promoted more.

The survey also shows that Diesel engines are on decline in Europe. Only 21% of the Romanians consider Diesel vehicles for a potential purchase. The preference for Diesel cars is even lower in Germany and Hungary (13%).

Diesel is still preferred only in Turkey, where almost a half of the respondents would choose such a car.

“Living in Europe” study, conducted in January 2019, has surveyed around 10,000 respondents from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Turkey and Hungary.


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