More than half of Gen Z job seekers believe salaries for their experience level are too low


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Generation Z candidates are becoming more active in the job market, and employers are increasingly feeling their impact on the current work model. Year after year, the young people of Generation Z represent an increasing percentage of the working population, although the unemployment rate among them remained at 22.2% in the first 3 months of 2023, according to the National Institute of Statistics. At the same time, on the BestJobs online recruitment platform, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 represent 20% of all candidates and make approximately 100,000 applications per month.

Candidates aged 18 to 24 predominantly apply for internships and entry-level jobs in Sales, Marketing, Finance and IT, with 40% of them stating that their first job was not in the field they studied, as shows data from the latest BestJobs survey.Their first impression of the job market was that salaries for their experience level are very low, according to 64% of Gen Z respondents to the BestJobs survey. In addition, they believe that the work environment is stressful for them (52%), that bosses have too high expectations (34%) and that the workload is substantial (27%).

“The new generation of candidates is starting to occupy an increasing part of the total volume of employees and thus making their impact felt more and more. They evolve very quickly and have much greater confidence in their own instincts and values, which is why many of them do not end up working in the field they are studying if the offers or conditions are not to their liking. In addition, their financial demands are higher despite their lack of experience, and the mentality that you need to sacrifice your lifestyle to acquire professional knowledge does not suit them. We also see how much the expectations regarding professional life have changed from one generation to another and we anticipate significant changes in the current work model, as a result of the evolution of Gen Z on the labor market,” says Ana Vișian, BestJobs Romania.

Most of them intended to stay at their first job for 1 to 2 years, to gain experience and to fill out their CV properly. However, if they experience dissatisfaction, 52% of them plan to address their superiors in the hope of seeing changes, 31% will try to adapt, 11% will resign, and 6% will try to negotiate for a higher salary big. In their efforts to find the right job, young people have found that communication and digital skills are essential.Among those who have recently entered the workforce, 72% say that most of their colleagues are from other generations, and 54% have noticed that there are big differences in how other generations approach work.

Opinions are divided among employees over 25 who have younger colleagues on their team. On the one hand, they appreciate that by working alongside people from Generation Z they have new visions (37%), that they can learn from their way of life (23%) and that they can stay adapted to trends (40%). On the other hand, young colleagues also proved to them that it is difficult for them to follow the strict work schedule (34%), that they are not always responsible for their tasks (25%) and that they do not get involved much in the activities aimed at increase team cohesion (35%).And employers expect certain challenges in recruiting young talent.

Among the most frequently mentioned are the lack of professional training and the need to allocate greater resources to their training (29%), too high demands in relation to their level of experience (27%) and more difficult adaptation to the work environment compared to experienced colleagues (17%). However, they also see advantages, among which they list the desire and energy to learn new things (35%), the positive impact on colleagues regarding current technological trends. (44%) and new approaches to work (22%).

The survey was conducted between April and May, with 1,997 Internet users, of which 55% were employees under the age of 25, 30% were employees over the age of 25, and 15% were recruiters.

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