More tourist accommodation in Romania. Find out the county with the highest number of establishments…

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Romania increased its capacity of tourist accommodation this end-July by 4.5 percent, compared to the same date of the previous year, National Institute of Statistics (INS) shows.

Out of the total number of hotel places, 40.5 percent were in 3 star hotels, 28.3 percent in 2 star hotels, 24.4 percent in 4 star hotels, 4.2 percent in 5 star hotels, 2.4 percent in 1 star hotels and 0.2 percent in hotels non-classified by stars.

Most of the hotels were classified as 3 star hotels (51.8 percent of the total hotels) and as 2 star hotels (22 percent). The number of 5 star hotels was 34 while the 4 star hotels were 294 in number (27 more compared to July 31, 2016).

On July 31, 2017 there were 113 establishments of tourist reception with functions of tourist accommodation non-classified by stars compared to 112 on the same date of the previous year.

Out of the establishments of tourist reception with functions of tourist accommodation, 28.7 percent were in mountain resorts, 18.6 percent were in Bucharest and in the county capital cities (Tulcea town excluded), 9.8 percent were in the Riviera resorts (Constanta town excluded), 7.3 percent were in the spa resorts and 1.6 percent in the Danube Delta (Tulcea town included), 34 percent were in other touristic localities and paths.  

The first five counties, ranked by the total number of existing establishments of tourist accommodation were as follows: Brasov (955 accommodation establishments), Constanta (838), Suceava (441), Harghita (409) and Mures (362). Constanta County held the highest weight (24.4 percent) in the total rooms existing in the establishments of tourist accommodation (the rooms in cottages excluded).   

Out of the total number of existing tourist accommodation places, Constanta County held 24.5 percent, Brasov County 8.7 percent, followed by Bucharest with 6.1 percent, Prahova and Bihor (3.7 percent each), Suceava County with 3.5 percent, etc. 

The number of tourist accommodation places operational on July 31, 2017 was 343.7 thousands. Most of places, 194.9 thousands, were in hotels, followed by agro-tourism boarding houses with 44.5 thousand places, tourist boarding houses with 34.8 thousand places, tourist villas with 15.3 thousand places, hostels with 14.2 thousand places.  

By tourist areas, out of the total number of places, 87.9 thousands were in “Bucharest and the county capital cities, Tulcea town excluded “, 80.6 thousands were in “Riviera resorts, Constanta city excluded “, 70.8 thousands in “other touristic localities paths”, 63.9 thousands in “mountain resorts”, 36.6 thousands in “spa resorts” and 3.9 thousands in the area “Danube Delta, Tulcea town included”. 



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