Moreni Automechanical Plant, Rheinmetall to manufacture 8×8 armored vehicles

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Romanian state-owned Moreni Automechanical Plant (UAM) and the Dusseldorf-based military vehicle manufacturer Rheinmetall inked the constituent act of the Romanian Military Vehicle Systems (RMVS) joint venture company for the manufacture of 8×8 armored vehicles, the Economy Ministry announced on Thursday.

“Moreni Automechanical Plant (UAM) and Rheinmetall have together more than 150 years experience in manufacturing and developing armored military vehicles. We can promise that together we will develop a new vehicle of this type, the most advanced of its category. From our perspective, this is the right time to do this in Romania, both for the local and foreign market,” Thorsten Heinzen, Executive Manager Rheinmetall Defence (Eastern Markets) stated, a press release informs.

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Attending the event, Cord Meier-Klodt, German Ambassador to Bucharest, pointed out this constitutive act comes at a time when it celebrates 25 years since the signing of the Romanian-German friendship treaty.

Romanian Military Vehicle Systems will be held in equal proportions by 50 percent each. According to the constitutive act, any changes in the capital will be made only by maintaining the 50 -50 percent shares of the shareholders.

Manufacturing the new armored transporter will be based on technological cooperation and know-how between the Romanian plant and its foreign partner.

“RMVS will manufacture, sell and ensure the maintenance of the 8×8 armored personnel carrier (TBT 8×8),” the release also reads.

The two co-partners plan to produce new 8×8 armored vehicles in Romania, the initiative coming in the context of the supply needs with armored conveyors for the Romanian army.

The first 8×8 amphibious armored personnel carriers (APCs) for the Romanian Land Forces are expected in Romania in 2018, with their integration with the national industry to be identified later on.

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