Most performing 50 companies – a top dominated by retail, automotive, constructions and IT companies


Most performing 50 companies in Romania had last year a turnover of almost EUR 4 billion, i.e. 47 percent more than in 2012. None of these companies has a turnover below EUR 25 million, according to Top 50 Best Performers run by Coface.

A company’s release reads that the turnover is 29 percent higher than in 2011.

Large companies having a turnover higher than EUR 50-100 million, have consolidated their positioning (8 companies vs. 5 in 2012), while very big companies (turnovers higher than EUR 100 million) represent the most important part of the total turnover of the top 50 companies (53 percent vs. 46 percent in 2012).

Dedeman – Romanian network for construction materials, kept the first place in Top 50 Best Performers. It is followed by the Austrian company Holzindustrie Schweighofer, active in wood industry in Sebes, Radauti, Siret and Comanesti. Tinmar Ind is placed third – active in trading electric power.

The only companies included in Top 50 Best Performers by Coface for all the last three years were Formens, Pandora Prod and Peek&Cloppenburg.

Fields of activity: wholesale – 11 companies, machines and equipments – 9 companies, retail – 5 companies, constructions and IT – each with 4 companies.

Most companies are from Bucharest (21), Arad County, Brasov, Arges and Cluj.

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