Munch food saving app also launched in Romania

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On July 20, 2021, Munch Romania, the food saving application, was launched for the first time in Romania, in the city of Cluj Napoca.

Munch Romania is a platform through which restaurants, bakeries, shops and hotels can sell unsold and quality products at a great price. The main purpose of Munch is to reduce food waste. Buying a Munch is not only a great way to eat at a low price, but also a beneficial way for the environment, because these dishes have so far reached the garbage.

How the Munch works?  Through the application, one can buy “Munch”, which are surprise packages offered at a 40% discount, the delicacies of which are fresh and of good quality. Munch Romania wants to promote a sustainable diet, and to instil a sense of social responsibility by reducing food waste. The Munch Romania initiative to combat this type of waste, which is ultimately one of the contributing factors to the current climate crisis, shows that a sustainable and responsible lifestyle attracts economic, social and ecological benefits. Selling unsold food is a win-win situation: places / restaurants earn extra income, and shoppers / guests have access to good quality food / meals at a reduced price. The Munch application, present in several countries, has already been downloaded by over 80,000 people, thus preventing the Food Rescue Community from emitting almost 120 tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gases.

“With the Munch application, we have the opportunity to create an advantageous situation for both the restaurant and the consumer, respectively the environment, because the consumer wins, the restaurant wins and the Earth wins. We are confident that, nationally, both residents and restaurants will become more open to the possibility of a more sustainable existence and that more and more rescuers will join,” says one of the founders of Munch.

The Munch Romania team specified that it contacted a relatively large number of partners, so the restaurants, bakeries, shops had the opportunity to join the initiative. Any type of catering unit can join Munch – the first step is to fill out the form on or call +40757570731. And customers can already register on the Facebook groups of the new food rescue community in Cluj Napoca, respectively Târgu Mureș.

The group from Cluj Napoca:

The group from Târgu Mureș:

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