MySmarty B2C marketing platform for traders, available also in Romania

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MySmarty, one of the most powerful SaaS platforms for marketing and customer interaction, present already in Israel, Palestine, the Netherlands, Spain and Bulgaria, is now launched in Romania, a press release informs.

“Our vision is that within one Koritaryear of launch, mySmarty will be the most accessible platform for Romanian customers to know about the traders they want to interact with, both with regard to the quality of their services / products on the ratings of the app, and their offers. We believe we can help marketers make innovative marketing campaigns through mySmarty and increase their turnover. The Merchant Reporting Module gives 24/7 campaign data and customer feedback in real time, allowing for immediate and relevant actions”, says Marius Koritar, CEO of mySmarty Romania.

According to him, similarly, customers have an interface for communicating their feedback, strictly tied to real dealings with merchants, feedback that gives them a certain amount of cash-back as a benefit.

Registering on the platform and claiming the business profile is free of charge. Traders have the opportunity to complete and enrich the basic profile picture. Then they can choose the mySmarty service package that suits them best to benefit from the platform’s potential: easy access to customers, customer information, recurrent sales, loyalty customers, profit.

For example, an optics store can access mySmarty for free, can claim its profile or make it within minutes (as appropriate), and in step two it can send an invitation to all existing clients in the database (or CRM) to install mySmarty application.

Once installed, customers in this store will be able to give feedback in the app about each specific interaction with the merchant, within 14 days of each transaction, and will receive a certain amount of cashback for each such feedback. The cash-back percentage will be decided by the merchant to complete the mySmarty business profile. This is a first benefit for the customer, but also for the merchant to the same extent: win-win.

On the other hand, through the platform, based on a subscription, the merchant will be able to send customers notice of promotions, discounts, special offers, other campaigns, and marketing initiatives. You can also opt for a subscription to target potential customers, from those registered on the platform to the same geographical area (city, county). Thus, the mySmarty platform can generate new business for traders but also online-offline conversion.

At this time, the mySmarty platform has loaded the profiles of over 400,000 merchants from Israel and the countries in which it operates, and will also incorporate the entire national business environment in Romania, accommodating all types of traders / organizations / institutions relevant to customers, from Shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, notary offices, lawyers, etc.



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