National Road Investment Company, set up to take over the highway works

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Romanian Company of Motorway and National Roads (CNADNR) changes its name into the National Company of Administration of Road Infrastructure (CNAIR), and there will be also established a new company for the development of road transportation infrastructure – The National Road Investment Company (CNIR), according to an emergency ordinance draft, Ministry of Transport announced.

CNIR will be a distinct company to manage the road infrastructure so as to ensure the long term development of the local and global TEN-T transport network in accordance with the objectives set by the European Commission.

“Failing to adopt the legal reorganization framework is an exceptional situation which leads to delays in implementing projects and losing huge sums of money from the EU budget. These delays have a direct impact on Romania’s future economic development,” draft’s explanatory note reads.

The new company will by subordinated to the Ministry of Transport.

CNIR staff will be hired only by competition based on individual employment contract.

CNAIR will transfer in stages, road transport infrastructure projects for transport infrastructure development to CNIR.


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