NEPI Rockcastle denies intention to invest in railway rehabilitation in Romania

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NEPI Rockcastle has denied the information released in the mass media that it would currently eye to invest EUR 1.5 billion in revamping several railway stations in Romania.

The project mentioned in the press, regarding the supposed 1.5 billion euros NEPI Rockcastle’s investment in modernizing some railway stations in Romania, is not one of the investment commitments currently undertaken by the company.

The NEPI Rockcastle Group communicates details of its purchases and its investment strategy in accordance with the capital markets rules where it is listed, the applicable corporate governance principles and the good practices of the real estate investment industry. In this regard, NEPI Rockcastle is open to reviewing any viable investment opportunities that are consistent with its investment strategy.

Official purchasing information, investment strategy and financial results of the NEPI Rockcastle are available on the company’s website

A statement made by an official within the Transport Ministry for Club Feroviar said that NEPI would be willing to invest EUR 1.5 billion in the rehabilitation of the railway stations in Romania. CFR, Romania’s national rail infrastructure operator, would intend to modernise 47 railway stations in Romania in the future, including the North Station in the Capital city.

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