Net investments in the national economy up to almost RON 40 bln in H1 2019

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Net investments in the national economy amounted to 39.69 billion lei in H1, up 12.1 percent compared to the same period of 2018, mainly due to the rise in new building works. Thus, in a YoY comparison, new building works advanced 30.3 percent, other expenditures increased by 4.8 percent, while net investments in machinery (transport means included) declined by 1.3 percent, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS) report released on Monday.

Net investments in Q1 2019 totaled 22.54 billion lei, 18.7 percent higher YoY, as all structural elements advanced as follows: new construction works – 37.8 percent; machinery(transport means included) – 7.9 percent; other expenditures – 1.6 percent.

Net investments in the building sector in Q1 stood at 12.68 billion lei, those related to machinery (means of transport included) amounted to 7.96 billion lei.

Net investments in new building works in H1 amounted to 20.67 billion lei, while those in machinery (means of transport included) stood at 13.77 billion lei.

In a YoY comparison, a breakdown of H1 2019 net investments by structural elements is as follows: building works (33.8 pct vs. 23.9 pct), industry (26.8 pct vs. 32.8 pct), trade and services (23 pct vs. 25.9 pct), agriculture (5.4 pct vs. 6.3 pct), other (11 pct vs. 11.1 pct).

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