New Belgian-Romanian real estate platform investment

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A group of Belgian and Romanian investors specialized in e-commerce and IT development will invest EUR 500,000 in a new real estate platform for the residential and business segment., specialized in listing the real estate ads is targeting the owners, real estate agencies, real estate developers and also people and companies which are searching for a plot of land or a building for sale or rent.

We decided to invest in this platform because we consider that the Romanian business environment and the real estate market can give us all advantages to turn into a successful project. To start this investment we carefully analyzed the potential of the real estate market and we noticed that the market is on the rise in the big cities, especially on the residential and office segment,” said Maarten Deboo, CEO

According to Debo, aims at reaching 100,000 listing in the upcoming three months on the residential, commercial, office, industrial and agricultural segments. Overall, most of the ads will address the residential segment, as the searches of apartments for rent is on the rise in the summer and autumn.

The real estate market in Romania is crowded but not saturated (…) We consider that consumers don’t care about the real estate transactions platform as long as they find what they need,” Maarten Deboo added.

In this respect, the platform aims at providing the customers, be it physical persons, companies or real estate agents, a multitude of tools to help them quickly find an answer to their demands.

What does bring new in this market? First of all, the owners can sign up and make an account where they can upload an ad free of charge. Secondly, there is a reviews system, where customers can give their feedback related to the agencies services’ quality, which is a unique tool on the real estate market. “Customers will be able to validate the agencies’ services through their rating, while the agencies and the developers can earn more credibility,” Maarten Deboo explained.

He stressed that another novelty of the platform is the direct messenger service that will enable the parties to get in touch more easily and conclude a transaction. will also award the qualitative ads, the ones having more overwrought descriptions and quality photos. The agencies have four months free of charge to test the platform. has Belgian investors, a Romanian-Belgian marketing team and the development team comes from Cluj.

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