New deadlines of completion for Romania’s strategic infrastructure projects

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2021 is the new deadline for fully opening Pitesti – Sibiu motorway compared to 2023 as it was initially, after the unit specially constituted for implementing the project has found solutions for bringing closer the date, while for end-sectors it will be possible the earlier use of this date, Transport Minister Dan Costescu said during a TV show on Sunday.

At the other hand, traffic on Orastie – Sibiu motorway will be resumed this August-September after restoring the section that was demolished because of cracks. Financing of these works will be made on the performance bond submitted by the constructor, amounting to RON 90 million.

As regards the subway between Bucharest and Otopeni, this could be completed by 2020 only in a very optimistic version.

“We must also think on medium and long term. Our goal is not necessarily the European Football Championship in November 2020. We must develop durable and sustainable,” Costescu said, adding: “Now we start the project and we are going to do it in portions so that it can no longer be stopped. We made a plan, and until April we should have done analysis from County Councils. The objective is to launch the procurement procedures for infrastructure works, tunnels, architectural works and installations during my mandate which expires in November or December.”

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