New FIC executive team

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During its first meeting of the 2021 – 2022 mandate, the FIC Board decided on the new Officers team,
electing Cristian Secoșan, CEO Siemens Romania and Moldova, as FIC president. He will be supported by
Ramona Jurubiță, Country Managing Partner KPMG Romania and Eric Stab, Chairman & CEO of ENGIE
Romania, Executive Director ENGIE Eastern Europe as vice-presidents. Daniel Anghel, Tax and Legal
Services Leader, PwC Romania has been appointed as treasurer.
The last two years in the role of FIC president represented a constant reminder for me that our actions
and activities could help Romania progress and converge with the more developed EU member states.
Each of our projects represented a fraction invested in this ongoing development of our country: we have
elaborated and launched a new FDI report, we have organized the second edition of the project Leaders
for Excellence in Healthcare (LEH) dedicated to the management of public hospitals in Romania, we have
drafted recommendations on the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience and other proposals for a
sustained and viable economic growth and we have also organized constant dialogues and meetings with
the authorities on some of the most outstanding issues – digitalization of the public sector, energy
transition, etc. Handing over the baton to the next president of FIC, I will continue, from the vice president
posture, my commitment and support for all the projects developed by FIC so far and many more others
to come.” stated Ramona Jurubiță, former FIC president.

I would like to thank the Board for the vote of confidence and express my commitment for advancing the
FIC vision and projects in this mandate. I believe FIC is one of the main representative business
organizations in Romania with a high profile and proper expertise, I am honored but at the same time
forced to maintain the level of professionalism and to continue to engage with the decision-makers to lay
out the best policy solutions for an even comeback of economic growth. The opportunity that this
economic recovery brings is reform, rebuilding the Romanian economy on a sustainable basis and
preparing it for the digital era. Bearing in mind the vision for an improved business environment, we will
channel our resources on how to support the authorities in attracting additional foreign capital to high
added value sectors, which will certainly crowd in other types of investments and clusters, particularly in
the context of the twin transitions – green and digital, to provide recommendations and above all, to make
sure that together we avoid the prolongation of the health crisis by supporting the advance of the
vaccination campaign in the coming months”, stated Cristian Secoșan, the recently elected president of
the FIC.
In addition, the Board decided that this year’s agenda should focus on identifying measures for sustainable
economic growth, with a focus on the environmental, social and governance components – known as ESG
criteria. The FIC will pay more attention to the PNRR related topics addressed in its working groups, in
order to contribute to the implementation of the projects proposed by the Government. In this way, we
will be prepared to provide opinions and expertise based on the skills and knowledge of experts on these
issues that are taking shape in the context of the transition to a sustainable economy.

As Romania recovers from a difficult period, both from a health and economic perspective, FIC believes
policymaking designed based on consultation and transparency and centered on all relevant stakeholders
is more important than ever.

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