New functionalities for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies on the legislative monitoring platform Issue Monitoring


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Entrepreneurs, companies and consulting agencies can now benefit from dedicated legislative monitoring services, vital for their activity in an extremely dynamic environment. Only in the first 10 months of this year, over 4,000 normative acts were adopted that influenced the activity of economic actors.

The legislative monitoring platform Issue Monitoring supports with new functionalities professionals in the field of public policies, lobbying and advocacy, but also all those active in the business environment, in general. The development of the platform cost 80,000 euros, the project being co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Why do entrepreneurs and managers follow legislative changes?

Legislative changes can affect the activity of any company. We are in the digital age and, in addition, Romania is characterized by legislative unpredictability. With an average of 4,500 pieces of legislation enacted annually, the only option for those running businesses is to adapt and use the right tools. That’s why, starting this month, the legislative monitoring service Issue Monitoring is developing and quickly conveying to subscribers information about legislative initiatives or debates that can generate changes in the environment in which they operate, in order to react with agility, making predictions and adapting their strategies, budgets, and communication.

Integrating legislative monitoring into the company’s own workflow

An important innovation of the platform is that, from now on, companies can integrate their legislative monitoring into their own flow or create an access interface. This product is intended for companies that reuse existing data in the Issue Monitoring platform for themselves or their clients, such as consulting agencies, audit companies or law firms.

The API connection of other external applications such as CRM, ERP or specially designed applications to display the tracked legislative flow in a customized way specific to a particular client or the development of customized mobile applications are some of the solutions that Issue Monitoring now offers.

“We have moved to another level of the Issue Monitoring platform, a step taken in the direction dictated by the needs of our customers. Companies and entrepreneurs notice the large volume of legislative changes and constantly ask for our help. 1,301 Government Decisions and 2,294 Orders issued by ministries and other central public authorities represent the total for the 10 months of 2022. At the top are the Ministry of Health, with 276 normative acts, the Ministry of Finance, with 244 and the Ministry of Labor, with 129. The champion from the central regulatory authorities is ANRE (National Agency for Energy Regulation) with 176 normative acts adopted this year.

The need for legislative monitoring is therefore clear and we are happy to be able to offer high quality digital services for our clients. The novelties that we are announcing now not only extend the services to many other areas, but also come with the development of the mobile application, another step towards satisfying the needs of customers, who are always pressed by time, looking for fast and efficient solutions”, stated Octavian Rusu, CEO and founder of Issue Monitoring.

In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, the platform also offers customers an overview of the legislative route and the course of a law, at the time they check the application, but also a greater diversity in the settings for receiving messages.

Issue Monitoring currently monitors more than 1,400 legislative initiatives and sends almost 2,000 unique alerts every month.

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