New gas resources revealed by OMV Petrom in Oltenia

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OMV Petrom has discovered new gas resources near its facilities in Valcea county, Oltenia region, the company has announced on Thursday. The oil well Mamu 4317 has been drilled near the Mamu deposit, at a depth of 4,400 metres and has confirmed the existence of gas and condensate.

If it were used only for heating, the annual production of the new gas resources could provide heating for about 180,000 households.

The oil well has gone into production in October end, with an initial volume of over 190,000 cubic metres/day.

The investments in drilling and to connect the Mamu 4317 well to the existing infrastructure has mounted to around EUR 10 million.

Most of the gas deposits in Romania have gone into production tens of years ago, and their production is in decline. OMV Petrom continues to invest in drilling and production activities to limit this decline and to ensure the security of the energy supplies. We have intensified investments by over 40% in the first ten months of the year as against the similar period last year and we have drilled 89 new oil wells and sidetracks. This is added to those EUR 9 billion already invested in Upstream in Romania during 2005-2017,” said Peter Zeilinger, member of the managing board OMV Petrom, responsible for Upstream.

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