New railway company enters Romanian market, vowing luxury conditions

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AstraTranscarpatic will enter the Romania railroad market in the upcoming days to directly compete with CFR Calatori. The private company vows to introduce several luxury routes for western country and even abroad to Vienna.

AstraTranscarpatic is part of the Astra Vagoane Călători Arad holding, controlled by renowned businessman Valer Blidar, majority stockholder of ASTRA VAGOANE CALATORI holding. The company kicked off tests with a 100% Romanian train which will operate on Arad-Bucharest route and which is set to provide luxury conditions. The commercial rides will be introduced in mid-January.

According to Valer Blidar, the train will offer luxury conditions, with sleeping cars equipped with shower enclosures and luxury design interior. The train will have attendants and the price at the sleeping cars will include coffee, water and sandwiches.

In a first stage, there will be two railway engines with 12 carriages that will form two garnitures. A train will have six carriages, two sleeping cars, two couchettes and a class one.

The total investment mounts to EUR 18-20 M.

For the first rides, tickets could be bought directly from the train, then online and later on, from the main railway stations.

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