New rumors about two big carmakers interested in investing in Romania

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Romanian authorities are in talks with two major international carmakers interested in investing in domestic automotive industry, Minister of Economy Costin Borc said, informs.

“I can not give you information, because, before the decisions to be taken in a board, in a big company, no one likes the talks to be publicly disclosed. They can be ‘derailed’. (…) We have discussions for a third assembly plant in Romania. There are discussions with a big international automaker. One from Europe, one from outside of Europe,” Borc explained.

He said that there are discussions with two car companies, but ‘it would be nice to have the third and fourth’ car producer next to Ford and Renault.

“It’s fundamental for us not just a third manufacturer, but also that the Romanian subcontractors can develop,” Minister of Economy added, explaining that the state aid is for those producing subassemblies.

Costin Borc also announced this April that Romania is in “early talks” to attract a manufacturer of green cars. When asked whether it’s about a European or an American company, Borc replied: “The only thing missing was if you would have asked me if it started with ‘T’ and ended with ‘esla’. Maybe!”

On the other hand, Fin Min Anca Dragu said early this spring that the government is in talks with Daimler regarding the possibility that the German car manufacturer, which already owns two factories on the domestic market, to expand their investments in Romania.

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