New vehicles registration up by 13.3 pc in 2015

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New vehicles registration rose by 13.3% in 2015 against 2014, reaching 433,653 units, the National Statistics Institute (INS) has informed on Thursday.

Regarding vehicles for passenger transport, the registrations increased by 14.4% as compared to 2014, reaching 342,058 units. New registrations for goods transport rose by 9.6% yoy to 91,595 vehicles.

“In Q4 2015, as compared to the same quarter of 2014, the registrations of road vehicles for passenger transport increased in all categories, the most significant increase was in the category of buses and minibuses by 22.9%. During the same period new vehicle registrations for goods transport increased by 32.0% for tractors, by 20.1% for trailers and semitrailers and by 7.4% for trucks,” INS informs.

Against Q3 2015, in Q4 2015 registrations of new vehicles for passenger transport rose by 4.5%, while new registrations of vehicles for goods transport increased by 6.4%.

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