20pc of employees have received lower wages due to the fiscal revolution, survey says

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The shift of social security and health contributions from employer to employee has increased the gross wages for almost 80% of the employees, the rest receiving lower wages, a survey conducted by undelucram.ro informs.

After the centralisation of results, the survey revealed that for 79.45% of respondents the companies have increased the gross wage, whereas 24.49% of the respondents have received an increase in wage as bonuses.

Countrywide, 20.55% of interviewees say they have received a lower wage, as the gross wage was not increased, or because the increase was not enough.

In the IT&C, the increase was made mostly by granting bonuses (35.9%), the survey reveals, for 32.05% an additional document was signed, whereas 21.79% of respondents have received lower wages as against January.

In trade, 77.39% of employees did not lose money due to the fiscal amendments. However, 22.61% have received lower wages.

Banks and financial institutions have taken over the increase of gross wage in a share of 83.57% of respondents and 13.72% have received lower wages.

In the production field, 80% of respondents have received increased wages, whereas in services, almost all respondents said the gross wages have been increased. Only 3.13% say the increase was not enough to have the same wage.

The online survey was conducted on 1,048 respondents, on the website and on the Facebook page of undelucram.ro, during January 18-February 22.

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