7 out of 10 companies have had smaller profit due to the lack of employees, survey reads

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Almost seven out of ten employers say they have had lower profits and turnover due to lack of employees, according to a survey released on Tuesday by the BestJobs platform.

The crisis of specialists and the labour shortage on the market are part of the discourse of most companies in Romania, but the direct costs generated by this situation are rarely being discussed.

“The impossibility to find and recruit the suitable employees in due time leads to higher pressure on the other employees, but also to the loss of important contracts with certain clients, to the stagnation and fall in productivity, to reducing the company’s activity,” the release reads.

44% of the employers say the lack of workforce has led to a fall by 10% in the annual profit, 15% say the impact was up to 20% and 8% say the impact was greater.

About one third says they haven’t been affected.

13.6% have employed more students or professionally reconverted people.

11.4% say the solution was to employ more people from the neighboring areas, and 9% have invested more in technology. Some had to employ retired people.

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