8,000 Automobile Dacia employees to stage protests on November 7

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Automobile Dacia trade unionists have announced on Thursday they will organise a protest of about 8,000 employees, at several plants in Arges County, against the transfer of social security and health contribution from employer to employee.

The trade union’s deputy leader, Ion Iordache, said the protest will take place in front of the Trade Union’s Cultural House in Mioveni, on November 7, realitatea.net reports.

“It will be a protest against the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition. We are dissatisfied by the intention to transfer the contributions from the employer to the employee. It’s unprecedented and we will fight against it. This transfer will have devastating effects on the employees,” Iordache said.

The trade unionists highlighted that the protest aims also to draw attention on the collective bargaining agreement. Besides, the trade unionists want to express their indignation against the uncertainty related to the building of the Pitesti-Sibiu highway.

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