9.6 km of motorway opened for traffic on A3, in Transylvania

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The National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR) representatives have acknowledged on Friday the works on the Gilau Bridge over the Somesul Mic River and have opened the traffic on 9.6 km of highway.

The Gilau Bridge is 360 metres long, and it was an uncompleted section since the Bechtel works, which is continued to the section to Campia Turzii on A3. The lack of bridge prevented the traffic on another 8.7 km long section to Nadaselu, opened by CNAIR in November last year, hotnews.ro informs.

CNAIR Director, Narcis Neagu, has promised that another section of 14 km, part of the Transylvania highway, heading for Targu Mures, will be opened for traffic in November.

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