After Brexit: In Romania – capital outflows, both in Gov’t securities and shares, report says

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Although reactions are still totally emotional, nobody knowing at the moment if and when the United Kingdom will leave the European Union, the weekend was influenced by the climate on the international markets. “In this context, we note the intensification of risk perception on the Romanian financial market, which has led to capital outflows, both in government bonds, but also in shares,” reads a report released on Monday by Banca Transilvania, quoted by

On the monetary market the interest rates have recorded generalized increases; the strongest advance was noticed at the very short maturity (overnight to 0.24% / 0.57%). At the same time, the yield curve has moved upwards (on average 11 basis points): the interest rate on 10-year maturity increased by 15 basis points to 3.71% (the maximum level in December 2015).

The national Bank of Romania exchange rates have increased for EUR/RON by 0.41% to 4.5366 units and for USD/RON by 2.69% to 4.0766 units. The stock market has fallen (BET index by 3.5%), the turnover exceeding EUR 14.1 million.

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