Almost one million foreign tourists visited Romania in H1, spent RON 2.58bn


Hotels and pensions in Romania accommodated 975,400 foreign tourists in H1, over half of them (60%) taking part to congresses, conferences or training, and they spent a total of RON 2.58 billion, of which 54% represented costs of accommodation, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).
Non-resident tourists spent on average RON 2,650/person.
Travelling for private purposes, including travel for holidays, shopping, for cultural and sporting events, visiting friends and relatives, medical treatment, religious events, transit and other activities, were chosen by 40.7% of the total number of foreign tourists, of which holiday trips accounted for 60.2%.
Out of the total business spending, the largest share (54.1%) was represented by expenditures for accommodation, especially the accommodation with breakfast included, by 93.4% of tourists.
Spending in restaurants and bars had a share of 16.8%, and 12.2% for shopping.
Of the total spending for shopping, 39.8% represented expenditures on food and beverages, followed by the purchase of gifts 34.5%.
Of the total non-residents visiting Romania, 49.8% have organized their stay through travel agencies and 28% on their own.
The main means of transport used by non-resident tourists visiting Romania: the plane (80.2%), followed by own car – 11.5%, coaches and buses – 7.1% and other means (rail, river boats, rented cars, motorcycles, etc.) – 1.2%.
In Q2, the lodging units accommodated 619,500 non-resident tourists, who spent some RON 1.53 billion in total.

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