AmCham about the current flat tax: The most efficient fiscal policy for Romania’s economy

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AmCham Romania reiterates its support for maintaining the current flat tax that proved to be the most efficient fiscal policy for Romania’s economy, as a press release informs.

Given the incapacity of the current tax administration infrastructure to accommodate the flow and volume of data to be incurred by the proposed system, AmCham Romania considers that introducing a mechanism of such complexity and novelty that will pose difficulties to the population at large, must be avoided.

“At the same time, we believe that the transfer of the payment obligations for the social contributions from the employer to the employee also recently announced in the media, needs an integrated approach and thorough consultations as it carries significant changes of the fiscal framework and it impacts the taxation level of salaries,” the release reads.

AmCham Romania expresses its deep concern regarding the introduction of major changes in the fiscal policy in a timeframe.

U.S. investors on local market consider that such changes do not allow enough time for proper consultations with all stakeholders.

“It’s not in line with the commitment to observe the stability, predictability and transparency of the decision making process,” AmCham Romania warns.

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