Bucharest Court of Appeal suspends ANCOM fine payment of RON 100,000 for Vodafone

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The Bucharest Court of Appeal has decided to suspend the fine against Vodafone Romania amounting to RON 100,000, imposed last month by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM), the telecom operator has announced on Friday in a release.

Thus, the court ordered, pending the final solution of the application for ANCOM decision annulment, the suspension of the retroactive measures imposed by the Authority.

“Vodafone has argued to the court that it did not violate the EU Regulation no. 531/2012 put forward by ANCOM and that the remedial measures imposed by ANCOM are not allowed by the regulations in force. Vodafone Romania is the leader in roaming and will continue to make available to users innovative offers at advantageous tariffs for roaming services, according to their communication needs, protecting them from potential risks of the so-called ‘shock bills’, according to mentioned EU regulation,” the release reads.

The company also notes it will observe, under the law, the obligation to notify the customers on the roaming data consumption in alternative tariff plans, an obligation upheld by the court.

ANCOM fined Vodafone Romania S.A. by RON 100,000 on September 5 for failing to apply the financial or volume cap in order to limit consumption roaming data to the level of EUR 50/month (VAT excluded) or at a different level chosen by the customers out of those provided by the telecom operator, the telecom market referee has announced on Wednesday in a press release.

ANCOM had ruled that the maximum ceiling was to be applied by providers of roaming data to all users of these services, including to those who opted for packages/extras that contain resources for roaming data, as specified in (EU) Regulation no. 531/2012. The maximum cap was set to protect users from getting large bills, due to large roaming data consumption.

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