Bucharest Stock Exchange: Net profit of RON 7.87m in 2016, up by 19pc against 2015

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The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) registered a net profit of RON 7.87 million lei in 2016, up by 19% as compared to the previous year, a statement posted on its website informs.

“The consolidated net profit in 2016, of RON 7.87 million, was higher by 19% against the same period last year and was achieved in a share of 85% by the trading segment of the Group, whereas the net margin increased to 25% (up from 22% in 2015). The consolidated operating income recorded in Q4 2016, as compared to the same period last year, increased by 2% to RON 8.63 million, revenues generated from the BVB trading segment, representing more than RON 5 million of the total. The operating expenses at group level continued the downward trend by 12%, while the operating profit recorded in the fourth quarter 2016 rose to a level of RON 1.93 million,” the document reads.

According to BVB, the Group’s consolidated net profit rose by 49% in Q4 2016 as compared to the same period last year to RON 3.58 million, with the main base of growth being the segment of operating results in trading.

“Cumulative from the beginning of 2016, the increase by nearly 4% of the consolidated operating income and the decrease by over 6% of the consolidated operating expenses combined have generated an advance by 89% of the operating profit to RON 6.07 million (in 12 months in 2015: RON 3.22 million) and by 8 percentage points as improvement of the operating margin. The Group’s trading segment generated in 2016 an operating profit of RON 5.41 million, having a major contribution to the Group’s operating result,” the source informs.

The consolidated net financial revenues of 2016, of RON 3.09 million (in 2015: RON 4.74 million) was recorded, mainly, on the account of incomes from the Group’s investments in government securities and deposits of RON 2.99 million (12 months in 2015: RON 3.32 million), down due to the decreasing liquidity level available to the company after paying the net profit as dividends in 2015 and due to the drop in bond yields and deposit interests.

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