Bucharest Stock Exchange: RON 7m profit in 2015, by 41 pc lower than the previous year

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The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has concluded 2015 with a RON 7 million preliminary profit, by 41% lower than the previous year, in a domestic and global context of challenges leading to falling volumes, capitalisation and indices, the BVB preliminary report released on Tuesday informs.
In 2015, BET Index fell by 1.1%, while BET-TR climbed by 3.1% after the dividends paid by companies were integrated.
The report reads that the companies listed on BVB registered the highest dividend yields in the region.
The stock market registered a less intensive transaction operations in 2015, with transactions of RON 9 billion (including the offers), by 32% lower than in 2014. The fixed income segment had a better development due to more transactions, including the sale offer of the bonds issued by Bucharest City Hall and the state bonds for retail investors, the first one of this kind in Romania in the past 10 years, the report reads.
Operational preliminary profits have fallen by 35% against the previous year. Preliminary operational expenditures followed the same trend, however they fell at a slower pace, with an annual decline of 71% of the operational profit to RON 3.2 million.
Preliminary net financial revenue contracted this decrease partly due to dividends received from affiliated entities and from incomes from unachieved foreign exchange differences, higher than in 2014 and have added RON 5 million to the in profit before tax.

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