Bucharesters will not pay more for thermal energy, City Hall says

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The Bucharest City Hall says the price for thermal energy paid by consumers will not increase, following the announcement made by ELCEN on Monday.

“Bucharesters will not pay increased prices for Gcal. The Bucharest City Hall denies the information in the press on price increases for thermal energy for the end consumers,” a release on Tuesday reads.

“The price of Gcal for the Bucharest consumers in the RADET network will not increase. The information about ELCEN refers to the production price and not to the price for the end consumer.  Any increase of thermal energy price is to be approved by decision of the General Council and currently this draft is not analysed by the municipality,” Mayor Gabriela Firea is quoted as saying.

Currently, the Gcal price of RON 163.03, VAT included, for the household consumers. It is the same price as last year, the city hall release also reads.

ELCEN thermal energy producer requested the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) to increase the production price of Gcal by about 10%, Claudiu Creţu, the company’s special administrator, has said on Monday. He argued that the request was necessary for the company to cover its costs, but also that the increase would be reflected in the final bills paid by the consumers, hotnews.ro informs. The price of gas has increased, so the Gcal price needs to be updated, he said.

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