Bulgarians have greater financial assets per capita than Russians, Romanians and Turks

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Bulgarians have greater financial assets than Slovaks, Russians, Romanians, Turks and Serbs. Regarding the net financial assets, Bulgaria ranks 38th out of 53 countries worldwide, with a result of EUR 7,680 per capita and a gross amount of EUR 9,760, the latest edition of the Allianz Global Wealth Report reads, novinite.com reports.

It includes data for 2017 for the total amount of financial assets by country, net, financial assets per capita, and others. This includes three categories of such assets – deposits, securities, insurance, and pensions in private parties plus others.

“There is a close link between financial assets and household incomes, and the trend is that often lower-income individuals have no financial assets or are very small in value. Only when people are in the middle and high income groups these types of asset become relevant, “Allianz explains in the document.

According to estimates, from 2000 to 2017 total financial assets in Bulgaria have increased almost 10 times from EUR 7 billion to EUR 69 billion by the end of last year.

In Romania, the amount of total financial assets is nearly twice as high as in Bulgaria with a value of EUR 129 billion.

The same source informs that Bulgaria is behind many other countries in the region, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia and Turkey.

Net financial assets per capita in Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, are equivalent to EUR 4,520, EUR 4,590, EUR 880 and EUR 2,040 respectively.

In the overall rankings, first is Switzerland with average net financial assets per capita EUR 173,990 followed by the United States and Sweden. Interestingly, countries in Europe like the Netherlands and Belgium are well ahead of Europe’s No. 1 economy. They are ranked in the top 5, while Germany is only 18th. At the bottom of the list are Ukraine, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, India and Argentina.


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