Businessman Ion Tiriac warns: ‘Just look at what happened to the national currency!’

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Businessman Ion Tiriac has criticised the political developments in the past few days. The former tennis player referred to the economic consequences of changing the Government after only half a year and to the way Romania is perceived by foreign businessmen.

“What is happening is not positive. Let’s hope it is going to end very soon. Look at what happened to the national currency and you will find the answers by yourselves. It’s high time to have stability, mainly that the ruling party has majority in Parliament, in the Senate and has the Government. So they can do their job with no problems. What is happening is hard to explain abroad,” Tiriac said, quoted by

Businessman Ion Tiriac ranks first in the Top 300 Capital richest Romanians for the fourth year in a row, with an estimated wealth of EUR 1.7-1.8 billion. His wealth has grown by 7.6% against the previous edition.


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