BVB – RON 4m net profit in Q1

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The Bucharest Stock exchange Group (BVB) registered in Q1 a net profit of RON 4.03 million, up by 42% against the one during the same period last year, resulting in a 93% share from the group’s transaction segment, a report released on Wednesday reads.

The BET Index, counting the most liquid thirteen shares trade on BVB, except for SIFs, concluded the first quarter with 12.4% growth, with 8,816 points reached at mid-March, the highest level of the past 11 years, reports.

“The growth registered by BVB is the highest among the main indices of the EU stock exchanges, according to the figures from Reuters, considering that only nine European markets registered an increase for the main indices after the first quarter,” BVB informs in a release.

The overall amount of transactions on all markets under BVB administration exceeded RON 3.7 billion, up by 30% against the similar quarter last year, whereas on the regulated market the transactions with shares reached RON 3.52 billion,” BVB further informs.

The consolidated operational revenues reached RON 11.9 million in Q1, up by 29% against the same period in 2017.

The revenues from the group’s transaction segment amounted to RON 8.13 million (excluding the intra-group transactions), up by 35% against Q1 2017.

The consolidated operational expenditures amounted to RON 7.13 million, up by 14% against Q1 2017, below the revenues growth.

The consolidated operational profit grew by 61% in Q1 2018, up to RON 4.77 million, as compared to RON 2.96 million in Q1 2017.

Last year, the BVB net profit amounted to RON 14.24 million, of which RON 13.55 million will be paid to the shareholders as dividends, according to the General Meeting’s decision on April 16.




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