BVB’s BET index expands to 13 companies as DIGI joins in

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Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) will expand the composition of the main index for the second time since its launch, as a step to broaden the interest towards the market. The BVB Index Committee decided to expand the number of companies included in the BET and BET-TR indices from 12 to 13, a press release informs. The new issuer included in these indices is DIGI Communications, (DIGI), important supplier of telecommunication services in Romania and Hungary.

DIGI shares started trading on BVB on May 16, 2017, following the successful closing of the largest IPO of a private company concluded on the Romanian capital market. The value of the offering was over RON 944 million (EUR 207 million).

“Major companies shape the market in a major way. New companies from new sectors are coming to the market, using the most up to date infrastructure we have already built to connect our marketplace with every investor, local or international, so that opportunities now present themselves at speeds and numbers like never witnessed before,” Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange said.

The weights of the indices’ components, i.e. the free-float factors (Ff), the representation factors (R) and the price correction factors (Ci), will be determined based on the number of shares and closing prices registered at the end of the trading session of June 22, 2017. The new structures of BVB indices will become effective as of July 3, 2017.

“The capitalization of all the companies listed on BVB exceeds EUR 37 billion, out of which more than EUR 20 billion is represented by Romanian companies. DIGI was the largest private IPO from the history of the Romanian capital market, and the Index Committee decided to include this issuer in the main index of the stock exchange,” BVB’s chairman Lucian Anghel also stated.

The members of the Index Committee are: Lucian-Claudiu Anghel – Chairman, President of the Board of Governors; Ludwik Sobolewski – Member, BVB CEO; Bogdan Campianu – Member, representative of an Intermediary; Mihai Lazar – Member, representative of an Intermediary; Dorin Alexandru Badea – Member, CFA Association Romania member.


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