Chinese company SINOHYDRO will widen the Bucharest ring between DN2 and A2 to four lanes for EUR 50.5m

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The association between the Chinese company SINOHYDRO and Nord Vest Infrastructura si Servicii SRL has won the tender for the modernization and enlargement to four lanes of the 11.5 km of the Bucharest Ring Road between DN2 (Voluntari) and A2 (Sun Motorway). The contract, if signed after the contestation period, has a value of EUR 50.5 million and the execution period is 15 months. However, the project of the modernized road provides some car intersection problems, informs.

The intersections with DN2 and A2 will be configured as elongated roundabouts, similar to the intersection at the DN1- Otopeni bridge area, to which the Road Company has added separators, whereas the intersection with DN3 does not ensure all traffic directions, because there will not be exits to the left.

The contract to be signed is worth RON 233,043,397.08, VAT not included, (about EUR 50.5 million) and the duration of the contract is 123 months, of which 15 months for building and 108 months for the notification of failures (guarantee according to the offered duration within the assessment factor).

The contract will be signed after the period for filing the litigations or after solving all litigations, if needed, CNAIR informs.


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