Commissioner for Regional Development warns Romania could lose the European funds for regional hospitals

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Although the social agenda and political promises have included the building of regional hospitals for years, Romania could lose the European funds for these objectives because the Government failed to do its job, European Commissioner for Regional Development Corina Cretu said on Tuesday.

Cretu stressed that the achievements include only the location and the feasibility studies.

“There are projects for regional hospitals, in four years all it was achieved was to set the location and the feasibility studies. They risk losing European funding because new follow the auctions, the construction works and it’s hard to believe they would be completed in time. (…) European rules say that if by 2023, 90% of the works are not completed, the money is to be returned, the money is lost,” Corina Cretu said during a press conference together with District 3 mayor Robert Negoita.

Cretu mentioned she is waiting since April 2018 for the answers to the letters she sent to the Government regarding the money allotted for the hospitals.


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