Consumer Protection inspectors found major irregularities of fish products in hypermarkets. PSD’s Dragnea reacts

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The National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) inspectors have found serious problems with the fish products sold by hypermarkets in Bucharest and Ilfov County, and decided to prevent from selling 1.6 tons of fish worth RON 40,000. Eleven operators were checked in one day and 10 fines worth RON 200,000 were issued, informs.

The main problems found were:

  • chilled fish put up for sale without complying with the thermic regime and without a protective ice coat;
  • the marketing of salted roe and seafood for which, at the place of sale, the needed temperature conditions and written on the product labels were not respected;
  • the marketing of frozen, packaged fish with accumulated ice in the packs or freezing alterations;
  • marketing of chilled fish with organoleptic changes: nonspecific odor, modified color, flaky consistency;
  • marketing of fish unfit for human consumption due to non-conforming qualitative characteristics (altered/dark gills/abundant mucus/opaque eyes);
  • marketing of quick-frozen shrimps with organoleptic changes (freezing alterations and ice conglomerates in the packs);
  • the marketing of smoked fish showing the overdue consumption limit;
  • incomplete information on the live fish in basin (no specification of the production method and the area where the fish were caught or bred);
  • Warehousing for the sale of chilled fish in expanded polystyrene boxes, in which there is a dark brown liquid, without complying with the storage conditions imposed by the legislation in force.PSD’s Dragnea reacts, says fines of RON 200,000 mean nothing for a huge store chain

    PSD leader Liviu Dragnea said on Friday the fines issued by ANPC for the irregularities with imported fish amounting to RON 200,000 mean nothing for a huge store chain.

    “I say it for a long time, they sell in Romania rotten products, of inferior quality, unhealthy products. I say it with regret, it’s starting to confirm. I’ve seen some pictures, I don’t recommend you to see them. The law on double standard is becoming more important than at the beginning. The draft bill brings also criminal offenses with it. They issued fines of RON 200,000. This is nothing for such a huge store chain. In their countries of origin they sell high quality fish and meat,” Dragnea said.

    The social-democrat leader said he wishes the law to be observed and that the bill on double standard brings along tough measures.



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