Cotnari wine wins six gold medals at ‘Vino Ljubljana’


Wine company Cotnari SA won six gold medals at ‘Vino Ljubljana’, a prestigious international competition, under the patronage of the International Organisation of Vineyard and Wine, Agerpres informs.
The ‘Vino Ljubljana’ Romanian wine producer managed to obtain six gold medals for semisweet White Feteasca, the 2014 production, Romanian Tamaioasa 2014, semi-dry white Feteasca 2014, White Feteasca 1995, Grasa de Cotnari 2006 and Grasa de Cotnari 1984.
“We are proud that we managed to get new gold medals at this competition. Once more we got quality certification for our wine and we were true ambassadors of Romania,” said Catalin Grecu, marketing director with Cotnari SA.

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