Dacia new car sales in Germany – up by 14.5% in 2018


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New car sales in Germany dropped 0.2% last year to 3.44 million vehicles, while Dacia reported an advance of 14.5% to 71,746 vehicles, according to the figures released by the Federal Transportation Authority (KBA).

Among the best-performing models in 2018 are Jeep (sales increase by 27.9%), Seat (12.5%) and Ford (2.3%). Last year, the best-selling brand in Germany was Volkswagen, sales increase of 1.5% to 643,518 units. Significant decreases were recorded among the Tesla models (-42.9%), Nissan (-26%), Land Rover (-23.3%), Renault (-3.4%) and Mercedes (-2.2%).

In 2018, the market share of diesel-powered vehicles decreased to 32.3%, down from 38.8% in 2017, while for vehicles with petrol engines the market share increased to 62.4%, up from 57.7% in 2017. The demand for hybrid cars increased by 53.8%, while sales of electric cars recorded a 43.9% increase, according to KBA figures.

In December, new car sales on the largest car market in Europe dropped by 6.7% to 237,058 units, and Dacia reported a 0.2% decline to 4,886 vehicles.

Significant decreases were registered by the Tesla brands (-63.8%), Nissan (-39.1%), Renault (-21.3%), Land Rover (-15.4%), Seat (-14.9%) Ford (-12%), Volkswagen (-10.9%), and increased sales by Mercedes (21.7%), Fiat (20.4%), Jaguar (15.8%) and Jeep (8.8%).

‘Romania Journal’ reported on Thursday that the Dacia new car registrations in France increased in 2018 by 19.1% up to 140,326 units, as compared with 117,865 vehicles in 2017, according to the data released by the French Automobile Manufacturers Committee (CCFA).

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