Dacia registrations in Europe – up by 9.6pc to 413,523 cars

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The registration of new cars in the European Union increased by 6.8% in 2016 to 14.64 million units last year, the third consecutive year of growth, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has announced on Tuesday.

According to statistics, the European car market has returned to the 2008 levels, but is still far from the record figures in 2007 when a total of 15.9 million new cars were registered in the EU. The increase by 6.8% registered by the European car market in 2016 is higher than the previous ACEA estimates (5% increase) even if last year ended with an advance of just 3% in December.

According to ACEA, the Romanian car market registered last year an advance of 17% to 94,924 registered new cars, while Dacia registration of new cars increased by 9.6% to 413,523 units. The market share remained at the 2015 level of 2.8%.

The European car market in 2016 benefited in particular from the dynamism of several states in the south of the continent: in Italy registrations increased by 15.8% and in Spain by 10.9%. The three largest European markets have also recorded growth last year of 5.1% in France, 4.5% in Germany and 2.3% in the UK.

Among manufacturers, the French group Renault took full advantage of the positive market dynamics, posting in 2016 sales growth of 12.1% to 1.49 million units, which allows it to control 10.2% of the European market.


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