Economic analysts view GDP growth below 3% in 2019


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The first forecast regarding the GDP growth, released by Banca Transilvania (BT) considers a 2.8% increase in 2019, a report issued on Thursday reads.

In turn, Erste Group Research (EGR) expects an economic growth of almost 3%, down from 3.4% in the previous forecast, informs.

In 2018 the economic growth was of 4.1%, well below the Government estimates.

The analyses take into account several issues as the fall of demand in the euro area, the deterioration of economic climate in this area – the most important market for Romanian exports; uncertainties related to Brexit, the trade and global tensions; the poor development of productive investments, worsened by the aggressive intervention of the state, of over taxation of the banking, energy and telecommunication sectors.

The state budget for 2019, now in Parliament, is built on a 5.5% GDP growth.


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