Energy Minister: Fuel stocks are higher than the expected consumption

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The Ministry of Energy has taken into account the drafting of the Winter Programme, including pessimistic scenarios with bad weather and consumption increases, so that the current fuel stocks are much higher than the estimated needs, Energy Minister Toma Petcu said on Monday.

“We have taken into account the winter programme, including pessimistic scenarios, with bad weather and consumption increases both for natural gas and electricity. That is why, through this Programme, we have increased the quantities to be stored (water in storage lakes, gas, coal). In all cases, the winter fuel stocks are higher than the estimated consumption, some even being doubled,” Toma Petcu said.

This year we have stored by 1.6% more gas, he added.

“The answer is simple: Yes, we have. On the other hand, a series of alarmist statements appeared in the public space that, during the winter, Romania will have to import gas. Romania imports natural gas for decades, especially during winter, at the peak of consumption,” the ministed added.

He explained that nowadays Romania can not extract more than 30 million cubic meters per day from deposits and from other reserves no more than 26 million cubic meters. On a normal winter day, about 50 million cubic meters of natural gas is consumed in Romania. So, the 56 million cubic meters per day, from current production and storage, are more than enough. Of course, there are intervals with very low temperatures, with temperatures of minus 20 degrees C, for several consecutive days, in which case the consumption increases and can reach about 75 million cubic meters, and we are talking about imports here, and domestic suppliers have announced that, for this winter, they have already concluded contracts with the exporters,” Minister Petcu said.

Also for electricity there are more resource stocks than last winter, the minister said.


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