EU funds average absorption rate for 2014-2020 is 1.7 pc, Romania stands at 0.18 pc


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Minister for European Funds Cristian Ghinea has answered on Wednesday to European Commissioner Corina Cretu in regard to the European funds absorption rate, saying that the implementation of structural and investment programmes for 2014-2020 was by May 31 of 1.7% at EU level and 0.18% for Romania.

“The absorption rate 2014-2020 is an irrelevant indicator right now, at the beginning of the financial exercise, before setting the management system as a whole. (…) This does not explain why the Ponta government did not move one finger. Romania stands worse than the European average, but we are recouping. Mrs. Cretu’s Facebook page was not worried at the time. Now the EU average is 1.7% for 2014-2020, there are countries with 0% absorption rate, most of them of about 1%. What is relevant is to talk about preparing the projects. We’ve launched guides for EUR 12 billion in the 97 seven days of being minister,” the Minister for European Funds wrote.

Ghinea added that the European Commission information released are related to the cohesion policy programmes, of the common agricultural policy, fishing and maritime affairs and European support fund for the most deprived persons, and the official absorption rates, by May 31, were: Bulgaria (0,07%), Cyprus (0,23%), Spain (1,87%), Hungary (0%), Italy (0,39%), Poland (0,87%), Romania (0,18%).

European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu expresses on Tuesday her concern regarding ‘slow start’ in implementing projects for 2014-2020, pointing out that Romania has 0 percent absorption rate of European funds of this budget year.

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