EUR 3.7bn trade deficit in four months 2018

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During January-April 2018, the FOB exports amounted to EUR 22.2 billion and the CIF imports to EUR 25.9 billion, leading to a trade deficit of EUR 3.7 billion, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs.

In this period, exports grew by 9.7% and imports by 10%, as compared to the same interval last year. The EUR 3.7 billion trade deficit is by EUR 379.3 million larger than in the similar period in 2017.

In April, exports amounted to EUR 5.2 billion and imports to EUR 6.2 billion, resulting in a trade deficit of EUR 1.01 billion. As compared to April 2017, the exports grew by 9.7% and imports by 7.3%.

INS informs that important shares in exports and imports had: transport machines and equipments (48.3% of exports and 37.8% of imports) and other manufactures goods (32.3% of exports and 30.7% of imports).

The value of intra-EU trade during January-April 2018 was of EUR 17.07 billion for shipments and of EUR 19.64 billion for incomings, representing 76.8% of total exports and 75.7% of imports.

The value of extra-EU trade in the same interval was of EUR 5.1 billion for exports and of EUR 6.3 billion for imports, representing 23.2% of total exports and 24.3% of total imports.


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