European Commission will finance only half of the subway project to Otopeni Airport. Reasons disclosed

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The European Commission has decided to finance only half of the construction of the M6 subway line, which is to connect Bucharest to Otopeni Airport. The reasons why the state cannot build the line only with non-reimbursable funds are that the Brussels specialists are dissatisfied with the solutions and deadlines set by the Ministry of Transport.

The Government has requested since the end of last year European money for the construction of M6, reports.

After asking for clarifications on how the Transport Ministry wants to build M6, the EC has decided: it will give money to Romania, but only for half of the project. More specifically, for the route that connects 1 May Square to Baneasa.

Pro Infrastructura Association (API) started an investigation on the case, trying to find out why the EC will finance only half of the project, and had to sue the Ministry or European Funds in order to have access to certain documents.

The European Commission wrote in an official document, to which API has had access, that the Transport Ministry has not provided enough data regarding the M6 project, the costs have not been grounded and had deviated from the level of costs in Romania in the field of constructions.

Moreover, the deadlines seemed unrealistic and the traffic levels taken out of nowhere.

The EC was not satisfied by the fact that M6 had not considered the second terminal, currently under construction.

Thus, the grants through the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme are less than half than the actual costs for M6. Out of the estimated costs of RON 6.35 billion, the EC will grant only RON 2.36 billion. Some RON 1.46 billion will be provided by the Government of Japan (loans) and the Romanian state will provide RON 416.5 billion. It remains to be seen where the rest of the money will come from.


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