Fin Min Teodorovici says budget rectification will be accompanied by layoffs in the public sector

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Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici says the budget deficit of 1.4% of GDP has been estimated early this year, suggesting on the other hand that the high number of employees with the ministries and state companies contribute to the deficit.

Teodorovici told Antena 3 TV private broadcaster Tuesday evening that there is money for pensions and wages, but the public expenditures need to be streamlined. He said the ministries are over dimensioned and “maybe their number is too high.”

The Finance Minister said he will propose restructuring along with the budget rectification, as there are decisions of good sense.

“It’s out of the question to talk about not paying pensions and wages. No invoice for investments will remain unpaid, regardless of the macroeconomic indices,” Teodorovici said.

“On the other hand, I’ve said it, about the public expenditures. (…) Maybe the ministry is over dimensioned, maybe the number of ministries is too high, maybe the number of state secretaries is too high, the state secretaries need offices and counselors, all these lead to chain expenditures. Isn’t it normal to connect them to the actual situation? This is what I mean,” Teodorovici said.

The minister said people work from morning until evening to earn money. “I watch the administration, a person works until 16.00h and maybe he does things that should not do. I can’t look at the electorate knowing such situations exist. I’m sorry, I can’t accept such situations.”

Teodorovici added that “on the occasion of the budget rectification, we’ll submit a list of measures to the Prime Minister and the Government. These are measures needed, not because there is no money, but because are measures of good sense.”

The general consolidated state budget ended the first five months of this year with a deficit of 1.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), respectively RON 14.7 billion, the most significant negative balance of the past 8 years. Given that after the first four months of the year the consolidated state budget deficit was of RON 11.4 billion (1.1% of GDP), it means that in May the negative balance was RON 3.3 billion.

A similar level of the consolidated budget deficit was recorded in the first five months of 2011, when this indicator accounted for 1.36% of GDP, according to the Finance Ministry.

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