Fin Min Teodorovici: Special pensions, package of measures to be discussed by the Gov’t and correlated with budget rectification

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The special pensions will be included in a package of measures regarding the spending of public money, which will be discussed in advance by the Government and by the ruling coalition and which should be correlated with the budget rectification, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said Wednesday evening for Romania TV private broadcaster.

“The special pension part is one of the measures that the Ministry of Public Finances will propose in a package of other measures on better spending of public money. (…) I believe they should be correlated, i.e. the discussion on this package of measures with the budget rectification, in order to know very clearly which measures will be accepted by the coalition and the impact will be taken into account for this year and for the years to come. Some can be implemented over short term, medium term or over long term. The whole package of measures will be discussed,” Teodorovici said.

Asked if a progressive tax on pensions of over RON 10,000 would be introduced, the Finance Minister replied that there are several scenarios to be proposed for discussion.

He added that the budget, the social and budgetary impact will be assessed.

Asked whether he considers cutting the pensions of over RON 20,000-30,000, Teodorovici replied that he would consider “absolutely everything, including this option”.

The Finance Minister said that any such measure will be applied taking into account all the legal provisions in force.

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