Finance Ministry borrows RON 500m from commercial banks


The Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) has borrowed on Monday RON 500 million from banks, through a benchmark government bond issue with a residual maturity of 83 months, at an average yield of 4.72% per annum , according to the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

The nominal value of the issue was RON 500 million and the banks subscribed up to RON 728.1 million.

On Tuesday, an additional auction is scheduled, with the state aiming to borrow another RON 75 million at the yield set on Monday.

MFP has scheduled in May 2019 to borrow from commercial banks RON 4.08 billion, of which RON 400 million through an issue of treasury bonds with discount and RON 3.2 billion by reopening government bond issues, to which the amount of RON 480 million can be added through additional uncompetitive tender sessions related to the bond auctions.

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  1. […] figures presented by the Ministry of Public Finances (MFP) reveal that the financing needs this year amount to RON 72 billion, i.e. about EUR 15 billion, […]

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