Finance Ministry launches 4 new government bonds issues

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The Finance Ministry has launched four new government bonds issues starting on Friday, under the Thesaurus Programme, with interest ranging from 3.5% per annum to 5% per annum, depending on maturity.

According to the Issue Prospectus published by the Finance Ministry, the face value of one title is RON 1. For one year maturity, the interest rate is 3.50%, for those with a maturity of two years the interest is 4%, for the 3 years – 4.5% and for the 5-year bonds – 5%.

Subscriptions can be made until July 31, 2019 via postal sub-units of the Romanian Post and the Treasury network.

In urban areas, subscriptions made through the Romanian Post network end one day earlier, and in rural areas two days earlier.

The revenues earned by individuals in the subscription and holding of government bonds are not taxed.

The funds obtained under these programs will be used to finance the budget deficit and to refinance public debt.

As of February 2019, the Finance Ministry has issued monthly government bonds for the population under the Thesaurus programme, with interest rates between 3.5% per annum and 5% per annum.


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